Hand-selected, American-made factory seconds at deep discounts

TapeAll specializes in hand-selected factory “seconds,” offering contractor grade tapes at deep discounts — allowing you to increase your profits by switching from low quality imports to high quality, American made tape products.

We are known in the market place as a consistent provider of high quality discount tapes for over 15 years. Each roll of tape is hand-selected and hand-packed to meet our quality standards, and our tapes are “seconds” shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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About Seconds

Our customers know us for the best “seconds” at the best price and quality. “Seconds” may have slight imperfections.  For instance the winding of the tape may be slightly off calibration, the inner core may be out of round, or the grade thicknesses of tape my vary in the same carton.  However, we provide best value for our customers – we guarantee the quality and stickiness of the tape, and our price is considerable less than buying first quality.

Our Products

We’re all about variety, offering a wide range of tapes to meet your customers’ needs. Duct tapes come in gray and all colors. We offer masking, painters, packaging, gaffers, double-coated, carpet, marking and color coding, and vinyl tapes in colors, printed pattern duct tapes, flat back, aluminum, glow-in-the-dark tapes, and many more. All provided at deep discounts, and with better quality than the first quality import tapes you may be used to.

Try the length that best suits your customers, or mix and match sizes and types of tape to offer your customer a one-stop shop for all of their taping needs.

Call us to discuss your market and tape needs. A fast, friendly quote is just a phone call away.

Need samples?  We offer free samples to qualified wholesale buyers!

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Our business is repeat business. Customers buy from us consistently — month after month, year after year. They know the value of our tapes in the market place, and have learned that TapeAll products consistently deliver higher profit dollars for their businesses.

Packing & Shipping

• We ship all across the US, and internationally to Africa, Mexico, Guatemala and Canada.
• We ship UPS, and can provide competitive quotes for truck shipping within the hour.  We can “drop ship” to any location and protect your relationship with your customer.
• TapeAll offers shrink wrapping and labeling, with the highly desirable “TapeAll” branding.
• Custom box labeling is available on most tapes.
• Our pallets of tapes are machine stretch wrapped for secure shipping. Each pallet is inspected before it leave our warehouse door. Packing slips enclosed with every order.

  • 1 pallet minimum order.
  • FOB our dock Charlotte, NC 28206

Payment Options

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
  • If you prefer, we can accept your check, money order or direct deposit.
  • All orders generate an invoice for your records (emailed or sent via USPS).